Heaven's Provided Remedies to Heal the Harmful Effect of the Covid Vaccine
A few remedies provided by Heaven to heal the effect of the Covid vaccine on the vaccinated people.

For many years, Heaven has warned us of vaccines. You can read more about it here.

The Covid vaccine pauses spiritual and moral issues (in addition to health issues) as follows:

  1. Genetic Manipulation/Engineering

    It is a grave offense against God to alter a human genetic coding. The mRNA Covid shots alter your genetic coding and cause your body to produce the spike protein toxin...

    This change is permanent and would cause many spiritual issues as well as known and unknown health problems, as described by Our Lady here: (read more).

    "... you do not see that the evil one wants to poison you with drugs and false science that will change your bodies, so they can no longer fight infection but will instead become a bioweapon attacking your own body. Yes, My children your own body will be weaponized against you." --- Message of Jesus to the Children of the Renewal on July 4, 2021

  2. Aborted Babies Cells

    The use of aborted fetal cells is another important issue. 

    Fr. Michel Rodrigue said: "Satan will also use general, common injections and vaccines to inflict people with disease: the flu shot, for example. The new flu shot contains cell proteins and fetal DNA from aborted babies, which will cause an illness like mad cow disease, because we are not meant to consume our own kind. A doctor in Quebec told me that he doesn’t at all trust the flu shot anymore because for the last ten years, they have refused to reveal to everyone, even doctors, what it contains.”

    Jesus said: "What does it profit a man if he lives longer, worships his health and fears contracting illness if you lose the Kingdom of Heaven? By cooperating with the plans of evil men, you become accomplices. Do you not realize the little babies who were ruthlessly tortured for this gene altering poison that will only harm you? The blood of the innocent cry out to God for justice. Repent, My poor lost children who have such weak shepherds that you no longer know truth from lies and evil from good. Repent for I am the Good Shepherd. If you return to me by opening your heart and asking for forgiveness, I will rescue you from all evil." --- Message of Jesus to the Children of the Renewal on July 4, 2021

Because of the great confusion on this topic and the great number of children of God who have been misled, Heaven has provided remedies to heal the permanent effects of the gene altering Covid vaccines.

Remedy #1: Good Friday Oil

Good Friday Oil may be used to make the Sign of the Cross on the forehead of a sick person for healing and prayers for protection against impurities or temptation.
This recipe was given by Our Lady during an apparition at the Holy Mountain of San Lorenzo in Puerto Rico (1899-1910). 
This same recipe was given by St. Joseph to Saint Andrew Bessette of Canada (1845-1937).

In 2020-2021, the Lord prescribed it to heal the vaccinated people through John Leary, a messenger and prophet of the End Times.

Excerpts of Messages to John Leary:
Wednesday, July 28, 2021:
Jesus said: “My people, your truthful doctors told you that Covid vaccinated people will be dying within a few years, because of the spike protein that is ruining their immune system. Curing the body by medicines to stop the spike protein from being produced, could be futile, since this vaccine condition is irreversible. You are about a year and four months into the prediction of two years until you start seeing more deaths from the vaccine. In the vision you are seeing serious health problems coming to the vaccinated people. The doctors will see these increasing health problems, but they will not connect this cause to the Covid shots, nor do they want to. The best way to heal the vaccinated people is to bless them with the Good Friday oil, the exorcism water with the miraculous medal, or by coming to My refuges at the proper time. When vaccinated people are blessed in this way, they need to believe that I can heal them, and they will be healed. If they refuse this blessing, and they do not believe that I can heal them, then a large percentage of the vaccinated people will be dying with dead bodies all over.”

Remedy #2: Exorcism Holy Water with the Miraculous Medal 

Jesus through Fr. Michel gave a healing for vaccinated people. You take exorcism water and a miraculous medal and stir the solution. Then you take out the medal, and drink the water.

You can get Exorcism Water from a priest, preferably done using the old latin rite.
You pour it in a glass, and dip the Miraculous Medal in it, then you stir it, and then you take the Medal out and you drink it.

Fr. Michel Rodrigue suggested that this is to be used for those who were forced to take the vaccine. 

Remedy #3: Precious Blood and Wounds Prayers

Excerpt from Message of Jesus to Enoch - July 28, 2021

"My children, pay full attention to what I am going to tell you through my Prophet Enoch: All those who for lack of knowledge, faith, or fear, have been vaccinated and are sheep of my flock, I tell you, do not fear; for there is a hope for you; if you make my Rosary of the Precious Blood and Wounds together with my Litanies of my Blood with faith, as a novena and you ask Me that my Blood destroy the harmful effect of the vaccine in your body; I will free you by my Mercy from its adverse effects and I will seal you with my Blood."

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